6 Steps to creating a high converting squeeze page

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Whether you’re aware of what squeeze pages are in internet marketing or not, it’s time to make them a serious part of your online success.
Why? Because squeeze pages are designed to build a list of prospective buyers that you can email over and over again and seriously ramp up your online profits for years to come.

Before we get down to mechanics, let me explain why you really cannot afford to leave squeeze pages out of your marketing mix:

Most of the people who visit your web pages will not buy. It’s a well known fact and cannot be avoided. Why don’t they buy? Many reasons, including trust, not having the money available and also being distracted by their surroundings (such as screaming kids or a blaring TV). However, this can be easily worked around by capturing a name and email address via the squeeze page and staying touch with that person in order to close the sale over time.

Another reason to build a list via a squeeze page is because you have the opportunity to sell more related products to that list of people over time. Not only can you close down on one sale for the initial item, but you can also consider promoting complimentary products that your list subscribers will appreciate.

All of this builds trust and long term security for your online business, but building a list is hard when your unable to get people to sign up in the first place. That’s why a squeeze page is so effective, because it literally forces a person to opt in to your list in exchange for valuable, free information or rewards.

There’s no distraction, just action!

So here are the 6 steps to transform (or create) your killer squeeze page:

1. Use professional graphics and a nice, clean layout. This will inspire trust and help towards removing any doubts about what your intent is

2. Sell your free information just as you would the actual product. Remember that people are busy and untrusting, so you really need to bullet the main benefits of handing over their name and email address.

3. Remove all distraction. A squeeze page is designed with one thing in mind, nothing else…to capture a name and email address. It is surprising how many pages I see with other ads, tons of links and too much text going on. Just give the visitor enough clear cut reasons to opt in, no more and no less.

4. Use call to action phrases. It’s a proven fact that people respond better when actually asked (or told) to do something specific. It makes sense when you think about it, and a simple “fill out your name and email address to the left/right” is all it takes. This should be obvious to more experienced marketers, but you’d be amazed at how many people miss this.

5. Tell them what’s coming. Make sure you let the reader know what will happen next and exactly when it will happen. This will improve the opt-in rate and reduce distraction on the other side of the opt in after taking action.

6. Use a serious disclaimer. Show the visitor that you’re not interested in spamming and where possible, try to re-enforce this by referring to your auto responder policies which will do everything they can to stop spamming occurring within their network of customers.

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