Different Casino Bonuses

In order to attract more potential players, many online casinos offer exclusive free online casino bonuses. These bonuses range from matching deposits to free bonus codes that can be redeemed for games and prizes. Knowing how to distinguish these bonuses can allow a player to choose the best possible online casino with the most generous offers.

The Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is one of the most common kinds of free online casino bonuses, as it places a number of limitations on how it can be used. When a casino gives away a free bonus code, some players might think that they are getting free cash that they can immediately withdraw. If the bonus is sticky, though, that means that players can only use the cash to play games at that specific casino and only after a certain amount of money has already been deposited or time has passed. These sticky bonuses then are weighed down with conditions and are usually less than free.

Matching Bonuses

Matching bonuses may also have some strings attached but often not as many as their sticky counterparts. When a casino awards a matching bonus, the casino will immediately deposit the amount into a player's casino account. Players can use that money almost instantly to play and win money that they can then withdraw as cash. This can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars of free games that will hopefully result in huge winnings for lucky players.

Players should always be careful when they accept free online casino bonus codes or agree to a promotional bonus. The fine print may limit what can be done with the bonus, and the end result may not be worth it.