Multi Currency Casino Bonuses

There are a number of casinos worldwide that accept payments and pay out withdrawals in many different currencies. The following information describes how these casinos structure their bonuses in order to be fair to everyone--regardless of their local currency.

Common Currencies and Issues

The three most common currencies in the world, and those that are accepted by the majority of casinos are USD--United States Dollars, GBP--Great British Pounds, and EUR--Euros. Though this is extremely helpful in bringing in business from around the world, the casino must still worry about their bonus structures as these currencies' exchange rates vary quite a bit. Even if a casino provides a percentage of the player's deposit as a bonus, it would mean that some players receive a larger bonus than others.

Whole-Number Bonuses

One of the ways that casinos attempt to get around the fluctuations in currency exchange rates is by providing a whole-number bonus to every player, regardless of their local currency. As an example, a 100-unit bonus would mean that US players receive $100.00 USD, English players receive £100.00 GBP and European players receive €100.00 EUR. Though conversion may mean that the worth of one country's bonus is more than another's, the system used for calculating these amounts is less complicated.

Tiered Bonuses

The Play United system that once belonged to RTG but now calls Playtech home is another great way to provide fair bonuses in multi-currency casinos. In short, a four-tier welcome bonus that increases gradually is a great way to make everyone happy and keep software simple. These tiers increase regularly and completely disregard the currency used in any specific location.

Players who are concerned with currency conversion will be glad to know that multi-currency casinos often make this a top priority. By using state of the art software and bonus types that are fair for all, everyone in the world can have the same bonus opportunities.