How Casino Bonuses Work

In order to encourage players to sign up and play often, many online casinos offer incentives in the form of exclusive online casino bonuses. Many of these bonuses do have restrictions or qualifications set on them to prevent the casino from losing too much money. Here are a few of the qualifications for several of the most common bonuses.

Earning Bonuses

Most bonuses are often one time deals or are offered in exchange for prolonged play, consistent deposits, or friend referrals. For referral bonuses, players must provide their friends with links or sign-in codes, allowing the casino to track how many referrals are made by each player. Failing to provide those codes can result in forfeited bonuses. Loyalty bonuses or reload bonuses are conditioned on the player performing certain tasks such as becoming a member and remaining one for a set period of time or depositing a minimum amount.

Limited Time Offers

In addition to these qualification standards, several online casino bonuses are offered for only a limited time. If the player fails to cash in on the bonus, it can be rescinded or denied. As such, most casinos will send alerts to the player either through email or through the casino's own messaging system. Players can choose to activate the bonus immediately on receipt of the notification, or they can wait until a more opportune time. However, if the window of opportunity passes, the player can potentially lose out on hundreds in bonus spending points.

Online casino bonuses are almost never offered indefinitely or without qualification, so players have to be sure that they know all of the rules and stipulations before signing up for any reward system.