Board Game Slots

Online slot machines vary in a number of ways, but themes have become the defining factor of most slots games. While slots based on movies, comic books and video games have become incredibly popular, a new trend in online slots is board games. Games like Megajackpots Monopoly and Megajackpots Cluedo Slots are now some of the most popular games in the online gambling market today.

One of the biggest draws to playing slot machines based on board games is the nostalgia they inspire. Online gambling developers do a great job of modeling their games after classic titles as the bonus rounds often closely resemble the board games on which they are based. In Monopoly Slots, the player must travel around the board collecting property while Cluedo Slots' bonus round requires players to choose a murder weapon, suspect and location to solve the crime.

Megajackpots slots add a special twist to regular board game slots, however. In these special variations of board game slots like Monopoly and Cluedo, there is a progressive jackpot available. In the Megajackpots version, the jackpot starts at $1.5 million and climbs from there. With each wager that each player makes, the jackpot grows, so it is possible for a single spin to warrant a prize worth millions of dollars!